1. Is my wallet card good enough to be considered a donor?
No, you may even lose your wallet or the card; you need to register with a provincial agency if they have a registration. You should also tell you family and friends of your wishes. By telling your friends, you are allowing them to support your family when the time comes and the support is most important. We lose a lot of organ donors due to lack of communication and support. You may also sign an End of Life Wishes form available to download right on this page.

2. Can anyone become an organ donor?
Yes, please register to become an organ donor, when the time comes to decide about your organs and tissue a qualified transplant team will make the decision. Also keep in mind, the ever changing technology in transplant medicine and we are not always aware of the miracles the doctors can perform.

3. If I register to be an organ donor do they take my organs now?
No, by registering to be an organ donor you are agreeing to share your organs and tissue when you no longer need them.

4. How do I register to be an organ donor?
Please go back to our homepage Click on the Register Button and then chose the province you live in and follow the instructions. It should take you about three minutes. If you have problems with the navigation please email us and we will be happy to help you.

5. Where can I download the End of Life Directive?
Here is a link to the End of Life Directive. Please make your wishes known to your family.

Any addition questions we would be happy to answer, please go to the contact us page, all questions are answered personally