Life is in your hands

We Specialize in Organ Donation and Transplantation Information and Education including Live Organ Donation, Kidney Pairing, Corneal Transplants, Organ Donation Enhancements, Organ Donation Concerns, Organ Donation Untruths, Organ Donation Criteria, Organ Donors Requirements, Organ Donation Centres.

When polled, over 81% of Canadians respond by saying they would donate their organs and tissues. However, less than 35% of Canadians have made arrangements to donate their organs and tissues.

We aim to ensure that all Canadians make these life-saving decisions upon renewing their driver’s license or their health card.

By working with various media production agencies, we aim to deliver our message to the public through radio, television, film, print, and online advertising.

Changing the way people think is only one facet of our mission. Our goal is to ensure that every Canadian knows about organ and tissue donation and that everyone signs their donor cards.

Together we can eradicate wait lists and save the lives of hundreds of Canadians of all ages.

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