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The Canadian Transplant Society’s 15th year anniversary was May 6th 2024. Please help us keep on going with a small donation. Any support of $20.00 or more and you will receive an official tax receipt and you can write it off your taxes.
We are trying to eliminate the wait list in Canada for Organs so that no more Canadians die waiting for a transplant.
We also want to eliminate the wait list for Corneas so that no cornea patient is without sight. This includes all ages with misfortunes around corneal damage, which we can eliminate.
Thank you for your Support.
James Breckenridge
President and CEO
The Sovereign Medal of Canada
The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award.

When polled, over 81% of Canadians respond by saying they would donate their organs. Less than 35% of Canadians have made arrangements to donate their organs and tissues.

We aim to ensure that all Canadians make these life-saving decisions upon renewing their driver’s license, their health card. or here on our website.

Changing the way people think is only one facet of our mission. Our goal is to ensure that every Canadian knows about organ and tissue donation.

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